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Your business can be your biggest asset. It provides your
income, a stable job, and occupies most of your time.
Trust in an experienced attorney to advise you of your
  • Commercial or Residential Leases - A document that outlines the
    responsibilities of the "Tenant" and "Landlord" in regards to property.
    Everything from rent to landscaping can be put in a lease.

  • Shareholder Agreements - Define the relationship between
    shareholders of a company. Even though this relationship is also
    defined in the Company's Constitutional Documents, the shareholder
    agreement is a confidential document whereas the constitutional
    document is public information.  

  • Contracts - Is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties.
    Often this occurs when dealing with promissory notes or loans.

  • Document Review - Our office can review and advice you of any
    document you bring to us. This can be anything from a mortgage
    document, land contract, lease, promissory note, and more.
Business Set-Up
Business Transactions
Graph of the different types of Business Setup - Corporations, LLC, etc.
Our office can set up and file your new business quickly and
correctly with the state. Don't get turned down by the IRS, let us
deal with them for you!
Call us at (877) 544-6890 for a free telephone consultation!
Every situation is different! To talk
to an attorney about your case
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