We know how difficult separations can be.

Divorce can be a very traumatic case for
all parties involved.

It not only affects the couple, but family
and friends as well.

When you do make that decision though,
make sure you have
someone on your side with the
knowledge and experience
to make your case go as smoothly as
Michigan is a no fault divorce state,
which means that: "there has been a
breakdown in the marriage relationship
to the extent that the objects of
matrimony have been destroyed and
there remains no reasonable likelihood
that the marriage can be preserved."

There are very specific rules that you
need to follow to meet this criteria and if
you don't it could delay your filing for
How Does A No-Fault Divorce Affect My
  • No-Fault only affects the eligibility of
    divorce, it means you can file for
    divorce without someone being the
    "cause" as long as you can establish
    a relationship cannot continue.
  • It does NOT affect your rights to
    property division or custody. The
    court can still find you at "fault" and
    divide your marital assets or award
    custody based upon your actions or
How Does A No-Fault Divorce Affect
My Assets?
Any assets acquired during the
marriage including:

are a part of the marriage estate and
will be divided up in a property
settlement. Often this is not clear cut
and an "outset" needs to occur.

Don't lose the life you have worked hard
to get!  Assets that you owned before the
marriage or were inherited by you
should remain yours!
    *retirement accounts
    *bank accounts
    *and more!
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Adoption can be one of the most rewarding
and exciting experiences in your life.

There are many different types of adoption in

If you are looking to adopt an infant, child, or
young adult their are special laws and

Let us walk you step by step through the
adoption process!

Don't leave something this important to
chance or error.

Adoption law also applies to those looking to
give up their child up for adoption.

If you want temporarily or permanently make
someone else the guardian of your child(ren),
make sure your wishes are carried out the
YOU want them too.
Name changes are often an over looked area
of law, but it is not something to take lightly.

You had a divorce and you want to go back to
your maiden name.  

You have an adopted child who you want to
share your last name.

Or maybe you have another reason to want
your name changed.

There are very strict laws regarding name
changes, the state will deny your desire for a
name change if they find it is for frivolous

If you want your name to be legally changed
it's best to hire an experienced lawyer to
represent you.
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