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When you are trying to protect your loved ones, you need a Compassionate
and Knowledgeable Attorney at your side.
Wills- No one wants to think about needing a will, but if you own any
assets such as a car, house, bank account, etc you need to think
protecting your loved ones futures when your not there. A
will gives you a chance to separate your assets they way you want or
to make sure a specific charity receives what you want them too.
Living Wills- A very important document to have for anyone over 18.
If you were ever incapacitated a living will
protects your rights and
. It outlines who you want to have a medical power of attorney
over you, whether you would want life support or not, and lets your
loved ones know what to do in an emergency. Don't wait till you can't
communicate by then it's to late!
Will Contests- You can not just contest a will because you do not
like what you received. There is a three pronged test that must be
meet before you can even begin contesting a will.
One: you must have standing, meaning that you need to be
named in the will or you feel like you should have been named due to
a connection you shared with the deceased.
Two: you need to have been harmed by the will, meaning that
you should have been entitled to more or would have been entitled to
an inheritance if no will had existed.
Three: you need valid support, meaning that you can show that
the deceased was coerced, mentally incapacitated, that fraud was
committed (such as the will being signed while the decreased was
under 18) or a mistake was made at the time of signing the will.
Trusts- If you have a lot of property (real estate, cash, stocks,
etc) you may want to consider creating a trust. There are a number
of reasons to create a trust.
Some of the more common reasons are:
  • Asset Protection (from creditors)
  • Tax Planning
  • Privacy (Wills are public information, whereas trusts can be
    kept confidential)
Also, If you are worried that your loved ones will splurge away their
inheritance you can put a spendthrift clause into a trust which limits
how much they can have at a time. Trusts may not be for you, but
having a sound financial plan is always a smart decision.
Power of Attorney- Is a written document allowing someone to act
under your permission to make decisions for you. It can be limited to
a certain area (such as financial) or limited to a time period (for
example if you were traveling out of country.)
Banks, hospitals, and the IRS all require a signed Power of
Attorney to talk to you regarding someones situation.
Conservatorships- Are often put in place for the severally mentally ill
or someone who cannot function in society. The job of the conservator
is to
manage that persons estate. Including any funds, or property
that person may have. Paying their bills and buying food are examples
of some of the duties a conservator might have.
someone who cannot function in society. Whereas the conservator
handles the "estate" the guardian handles the "person." The job of the
guardian is to
watch over that persons well-being. Proper medical
care, checking to see that their "ward" is happy (being treated well),
and social contact are all examples of some of the duties a guardian
might have.
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